Loved this @ywamturnervalley diagram.

Loved this @ywamturnervalley diagram. is run during Epiphany/Revelation months. Jan – Feb. So fitting for what we teach and who we are. Epiphany: A Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of Jesus to the world. It marks the end of Christmas and the beginning of Epiphany season. Symbolizing light and revelation, it invites reflection and spiritual …

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During #SSM22 YWAM Kelowna

During YWAM Kelowna last summer, we had a blast sitting by the fire. It got me thinking about how it’s like camping around God’s presence, which we absolutely love. Just imagine the comforting warmth, magical dancing light, sense of security, delicious food, awesome company, and the incredible energy we feel when we make God our …

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Morning devotion at @SSM24

Morning devotion at @SSM24 – join us for SSM 24 our School of Supernatural Mission and enjoy morning devotions here. Every morning we gather either to worship, interceded, practice spiritual disciplines, enjoy student lead devotions, or intercede. ywamkelowna.org . .

SSM Upper Class Room.

SSM Upper Class Room. We are quickly preparing SSM 24. Come join us for our School of Supernatural Missions (SSM) Jan 8th and learn Holy Spirit, the Ruakh, the Pneuma, the life-giving-Spirit of God. Come prepared to have your life changed. “Every single teaching of SSM impacted my life and my understanding deeply … The …

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