80 days till our

80 days till our DTS launch – so happy to finally see it come to life. It takes a lot of work in the background to launch a base and a DTS – Our staff are working crazy hours to make this a reality. This is the thankless, hidden, passionate beginning of seeing the reward …

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When my journey with

When my journey with God is healthy, it means that I nurture the appetite that is in me by His Holy Spirit for something bigger than me to happen in this life. Jesus overcame the world and then gave authority to us. This means that I remain in a place of hunger, pursuit, growth, and …

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We burn to see

We burn to see the saints equipped to carry out their inner purpose guided by faith. We are pointing our lives towards equipping all believers to live a purpose-driven life of faith until we fully look and sound like Jesus. We equip believers to do the ministry that promotes the gospel (good news) of Christ, …

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