Imagine being deeply soaked

Imagine being deeply soaked to the core of every cell in your body in the reputation, revelation, and authority of God’s nature and character. This is discipleship: To baptize (submerging, pickling, soaking) people in the name (reputation, authority, experience) of Jesus. Matt 28:19 YWAM Kelowna is built around this principle — to submerge/soak people in …

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We burn to see

We burn to see the saints equipped to carry out their inner purpose guided by faith. We are pointing our lives towards equipping all believers to live a purpose-driven life of faith until we fully look and sound like Jesus. We equip believers to do the ministry that promotes the gospel (good news) of Christ, …

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Understanding our identity in

Understanding our identity in Christ is foundational to becoming a world changer. So often we compare ourselves to others and want to become like other people who appear to be more successful, more fruitful, more confident, more … more… more… , but our most fruitful lives will be established in looking at Jesus as our …

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