Mae Clowe – Shining bright in Cambodia and Thailand

YWAM Vancouver Outreach Trip:

Cambodia and Thailand October 2023.

In October 2023, I had the honor and privilege of going to Cambodia and Thailand on an Outreach with YWAM Vancouver. 

We worked with ministries out of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia and also with teams in Bangkok Thailand.  

The teams in Cambodia do a lot of ministry with slum villages.  We joined them in an outreach helping with medical needs and children’s ministry. We were doing hygiene/washing hair, children’s teaching about their identity as sons & daughters of the king, with skits and action songs and provided medicine to whoever was in need. We also went out to a small village outside of Angkor Wat.  In the different ministry outreaches, we were able to pray for the sick as well.

In Thailand we did some practical ministry by helping to paint at the YWAM Bangkok facility and a local church.  We also ministered to the Seniors by delivering food, sharing personal testimonies, and praying during home visits in the slum areas.

In both countries we saw healings take place. A young boy’s fever left him after receiving prayer! An elderly woman, who just came home from the hospital in pain, received prayer and her gallbladder and back pain left! Another younger woman who had back pain during a village visit said she felt heat when hands were laid on her and her back pain totally went away! She was able to ride on a motorbike to church right away with no more pain.  The gospel was preached in every setting to the children, the elderly, in the slum villages, even on the airplanes as we traveled and at the hostel where we stayed.

It was such an awesome adventure! 

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