Base Team

Meet our DTS Staff

With a rich history in YWAM, a passion for the presence of God and a desire to make His name known, this is our 2020 DTS team.

Christina Morris - Base Director - YWAM Kelowna
Christina Morris
Base Director

Since her DTS at Holmsted Manor, England, Chris married Graeme, became Mom to three world-changers and attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. As part of their calling to build-up, equip and activate Jesus-followers, they planted schools of ministry locally and internationally.

Christina is a school director, mother to many, steadfast friend, pioneer, teacher, and worship leader. Christina inspires us all to ‘linger longer’ in God’s presence. Filled with conviction, she believes God has called her to create a dwelling place for Him in worship.

Kristen Michiel - DTS Leader - YWAM Kelowna
Kristen Michiel
DTS Leader

Kristen first did her DTS in Oxford, New Zealand followed by four years of staffing the Snowboarders DTS in Davos Switzerland. It was an incredible season of deeply falling in love with Jesus and discovering how he has equipped her to empower and lead the next generation of world changers. During that time, Kristen led a variety of outreaches as she courageously followed God’s call to the nations, taking teams from the streets of India to the heights of the Himalayas, from the war-torn cities of Bosnia to the devastated towns of Haiti, plus many more. Kristen is passionate about living a life of freedom, adventure, and love with the purpose of establishing Heaven here on earth. Since her previous season with YWAM, Kristen moved back to Canada, married a wonderful husband and has had two beautiful world changers of her own.

She is, once again, so excited to be activated in her strengths and experience as a DTS leader to build up, empower and lead a group of young people to live out the great commission of bringing the gospel to the nations.

Dayne & Jamie Klassen - DTS Staff - YWAM Kelowna
Dayne & Jamie Klassen
DTS Staff

Dayne finds adventure wherever he goes, especially when it comes to hiking to waterfalls or shredding down the snowy mountainside. He first discovered true freedom in Christ in 2012 on a DTS on the sunny coast of Australia. Since his DTS, he’s pursued his love for carpentry, becoming a journeyman in the trade and entering into the business realm. He is passionate about discipling people in Christ while giving them practical tools for helping others. He loves to relax on peaceful mornings over a cup of coffee with Jamie.

Jamie’s passion is to create a connection with people over a good cup of coffee or anything to do with food. In 2011, Jamie encountered the transformational Father heart of God on a DTS in Kona and furthered her biblical studies at Briercrest College and Seminary. There, the Lord stirred her fire for helping the voiceless discover their authority in Christ.

The Klassens were married in 2017 and have always carried a desire to be part of YWAM again. They moved to Kelowna from the prairies in 2018, where the dream soon became a reality as they were connected to others who felt the same calling. They are excited to see how God is going to move in this new season of YWAM!

Along with our exciting school staff, we are also thankful for these incredible people volunteering their time and effort to see God’s word come true over YWAM Kelowna.

Our staff & volunteers are passionate, gifted, adventurous, generous and called by God to build up the body of Christ.