Discipleship Training School for Supernatural Missions

2 Schools in 1

Get the full, immersive, discipleship experience of both the Discipleship Training School + School of Supernatural Missions in one school.

Be inspired, empowered, and activated to live a passionate, purpose-driven life of faith.

Join us: Sept – May

Follow Me …

Our Discipleship Model

When He called his disciples, Jesus said “Come follow me.” The term “follow me” was a rabbi’s way of calling their disciples to take on their teaching or their “yoke”. They used the word “yoke” to describe their teaching. To take on their “yoke” meant to walk as they walked, speak as they spoke, and do what they did. Jesus said, “my yoke is easy”. A yoke is a thing that ties two oxen together to pull the cart as one all-powerful team.

As these disciples would leave their homes to follow their rabbis others would say “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” – The idea would be that as a disciple you would follow the rabbi so closely that you would be covered in his dust.

By following Jesus, his disciples experienced incredible life-changing transformation and so they become the very expression of Heaven on earth.

It is said of Jesus in Colossians 1:15 that Jesus is the exact image of the invisible God.

Jesus is our model.

He is perfect theology.

Again, Jesus said “I only do what I see my Father doing.” John 5:19 Jesus followed the Father and we follow His model. Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and Power and went around healing all who were oppressed by the devil. Acts 10:38, Is 61

This is what discipleship looks like. That we follow the model of Jesus so closely that we would look like our Father.

Why 2 Schools?

More for less

Discipleship is a life-long process of walking side-by-side with Jesus and others.

DTS “schools” by nature only introduce you to the life-changing journey of Christian discipleship. The more time you give to this critical introduction, the more opportunity for potential life-changing transformation.

Extend your DTS , add SSM for 65% off, and give this foundational introduction to discipleship more time to establish in you an unwavering faith.

Greater Focus

Typical DTS’s are much more focused on personal, internal transformation where as our SSM is more focused on equipping believers to express the goodness of God in the world around them.

Combined these two schools create a stronger focus for equipping and activating believers to live a purpose-driven life of faith than simply taking a DTS.

2 schools
1 outreach.

Maximizing your discipleship experience.


Discipleship Training School

  • Learn to hear God’s voice for yourself and others
  • Strengthen your understanding of the God’s Character and Nature
  • Gain a new appreciation for the gospel of Jesus and the great commission
  • Develop a lifestyle of being lead by Holy Spirit
  • Practice tools of spiritual warfare and freedom
  • Anchor your hope in fundamental Christian theologies
  • Discover your God given identity
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Be activated in effective evangelism in obedience to the great commission
  • Grow in your understanding of the bible and your Christian, biblical worldview
  • And more …


School of Supernatural Missions

  • Grow your understanding and practice of prophetic ministry
  • Strengthen your grasp of God’s word, His Kingdom come, His will be done
  • Discover and lead from your spiritual gifts and core motivators
  • Practice effective gospel preaching
  • Engage God through various traditional spiritual disciplines
  • Learn and practice the ministry of healing & deliverance
  • Grow in your ability to minister to the spiritually seeking
  • Practice wholehearted relationships
  • Discover revival and supernatural history
  • Develop your understanding of other spiritual worldviews
  • And more …


Outreach Phase

  • Following the lecture phase, students and staff will serve in a 2-3 months in a cross-cultural missions practicum, taking God’s great love and His transforming power to the nations.
  • This is a time to put into practice all that was learned and experienced during the lecture phase.
  • On the Outreach, students and staff will have the opportunity to stretch their faith as they step out and risk greatly for the sake of His Kingdom.

Your Kingdom Come

Your Will Be Done …

We are passionately driven to know God and make Him known. We have been transformed by experiencing God and it compels us to share God with others.

We burn for “on earth as it is in Heaven”. His kingdom-way of ruling and reigning and His will to transform us and others until it looks like Heaven on earth.

You can expect to experience God if you seek Him with your whole heart. He is faithful to be “found by you”.

1 Chronicles 28:9

Dates and Prices


Lecture Phase:
Sep – Feb

Outreach Phase:
Mar– May

Christmas Break



Lecture Phase:
$6,850 CAD*
($1,150 savings)

Outreach Phase:
Up to $5,000 CAD**

*Lecture Phase fees include housing, food, and tuition. Flights to and from Kelowna are not included. We are always evaluating cost and every attempt is taken to reduce costs and make this training as accessible as possible.

**Outreach Phase price includes flights to and from outreach, food, housing, and transportation. Note: Prices for outreach can vary significantly depending on location and transportation costs.


  • All applicants must be at least 18 years old by enrollment date.
  • Demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English.


At this time: we are not able to consider applications from African, Chinese, or Indian nationals for our upcoming school unless they already reside in continental North America.

Additionally, YWAM Kelowna does not have family housing, so we are not able to host families at this time.

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